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Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Washwood Heath Academy - a thriving All-through school in the heart of the local community. Washwood Heath Academy offers a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment for students aged 4 - 18.

Lynn PetrieWashwood Heath Academy is an oversubscribed All-through school educating children from EYFS to Sixth Form. Our new purpose built primary school facility was opened in March 2019 and provides a fantastic teaching and learning environment for our younger pupils.  Visitors to the school are always impressed by the high standards in lessons and around the Academy and how welcoming and polite our young people are.

We expect students to achieve the very best they can within a friendly and welcoming setting, underpinned by our HEARTS ethos and family atmosphere. 

Academy ethos

Washwood Heath inspires its students to strive for and reach their full potential, no matter what their abilities or talents.

Slt 9688 1I believe that every one of our students has potential to go on and become outstanding members of society and our caring and supportive school environment is the perfect place for them to grow in confidence.  We strive to provide the best for every child by understanding, respecting and providing for each and every young person in our care. Our excellent relationships with parents and carers promote a shared understanding and belief in the school’s values and aims, working in partnership for their child’s education.

Washwood Heath offers an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum for EYFS and Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, which aims to enrich and challenge all learners, enabling academic, moral, spiritual, social and cultural needs to be met. At key stage 4 (Years 9 to 11), the school offers an academic GCSE English Baccalaureate core for an increasing number of students and a broad choice of option subjects. We encourage our learners to continue their education beyond Year 11 and we offer a high quality and personalised curriculum in our Sixth Form.

Eimg 0046Students will often hear me and other staff talk about what makes us who we are at Washwood Heath. We believe that all students should be kind, tolerant, respectful and aim for excellence in all that they do. This, for me, characterises The Washwood Way.

The education we provide will be in line with these values and will develop your child’s knowledge, understanding and skills such that they can become highly qualified, responsible citizens able to participate fully in all parts of community life.

We have excellent teachers who stop at nothing to ensure their students achieve the success that they deserve, through hard work, self-belief and fun.  Our extra-curricular opportunities provide something for everyone including a wide range of in-school workshops, theatre productions and sporting opportunities. Through our Washwood Heath Passport, our young people are offered a wide range of trips and visits including castles, parks, farms, cities and places of cultural and historical interest. In addition, we are increasing the number of weekend and weekday residentials for our students.

SLT 2061Your child’s education is of utmost importance to me. Everything that we do is geared towards providing the very best for the students that we serve. We will give you lots of information to help you appreciate more about your child’s progress and their courses of study. A partnership between us based on excellent communication and collaboration is the foundation of a child’s future success.

In short, Washwood Heath Academy is a place where all children, from all backgrounds and abilities can be safe, happy and inspired to achieve.

I hope you enjoy having a look around the website to find out more about the school.  If you would prefer to come and see our superb learning environment in person, please contact us and we can arrange for you to have a tour.

Mrs Lynn Petrie



@washwoodheath - 14 Jun
This week Year 2 went to forest school to deliver the bird feeders.  We had great fun hanging them all on the tree. We hope the birds like them. pic.twitter.com/4mman6vQoa— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () June 14, 2024
@washwoodheath - 7 Jun
This week in Year 2 we have made colourful bird feeders to attract birds to feed. We have also looked at different features of a non chronological report in readiness to write our own on Tigers. pic.twitter.com/e9Bi0Ofkdg— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () June 7, 2024
@washwoodheath - 6 Jun
Year 6 really enjoyed a visit from Past and Presents on Monday. They took part in air raids, extinguishing incendiary bombs, building shelters, becoming fire wardens then completing drills as part of the Home Guard. pic.twitter.com/BHazEQMlN7— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () June 6, 2024
@washwoodheath - 24 May
This week Year 2 have been looking at life cycles. We went and visited the chicks and saw the caterpillars who have now made a cocoon. We used our Oracy skills to discuss adults and their offspring. pic.twitter.com/Z6zXJhcgeK— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 24, 2024
@washwoodheath - 17 May
Year 1 got creative in their art lesson today. We created a3-D effect for a house picture through layering card and paper! pic.twitter.com/Gy6RW2g7W7— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 17, 2024
@washwoodheath - 17 May
Lots of talking this week in Year 2. We have looked at good and evil in R.E studies and also analysed historical resources. pic.twitter.com/GlA6k8zHdp— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 17, 2024
@washwoodheath - 14 May
Breaking news!! Our egg's have arrived and we are all ready to take great care of the chicks . Reception children are very excited to look after the chicks and Mrs Powis Jones has taught us a famous song in preparation to serenade them every morning. pic.twitter.com/Y70T97OxDN— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 14, 2024
@washwoodheath - 10 May
Year 4 have been working incredibly hard and have produced fantastic statues and figures with clay. pic.twitter.com/ZPdgC8yqBk— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 10, 2024
@washwoodheath - 10 May
It's CATERPILLAR DAY!! Reception were very excited moving the caterpillars into their individual homes. The children were ecstatic and used lots of exciting language talking to teachers and friends and naming caterpillars. Look out for updates on effery,Rose,Teddy" pic.twitter.com/o8cGd3NcyX— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 10, 2024
@washwoodheath - 9 May
Year 1 had fun exploring colour!We identified the primary and secondary colours using paint. pic.twitter.com/OJ7DJE1sUL— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 9, 2024
@washwoodheath - 9 May
Today Reception class have been exploring the topic of mini beasts. We had some really tiny caterpillards delivered to class today so we will be watching them grow and change in to butterflies. pic.twitter.com/bJFmiXT6sk— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 9, 2024
@washwoodheath - 8 May
Year 4 have enjoyed reading for pleasure at the end of the school day. They have been looking at a range of books linked to our topics. pic.twitter.com/M5ccJK1lnk— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 8, 2024
@washwoodheath - 7 May
This 1300 year old Sequoia is truly incredible, as is the architecture of the museum building itself. pic.twitter.com/EZ9SyPs9m5— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 7, 2024
@washwoodheath - 7 May
The Blue Whale skeleton really is an impressive sight. And as for the first edition of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’, well…..!! pic.twitter.com/AW39L4JFw3— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 7, 2024
@washwoodheath - 7 May
The National History Museum is looking spectacular today. A fantastic experience for our Year 8 pupils!! pic.twitter.com/Jjxyxri1pC— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 7, 2024
@washwoodheath - 3 May
Year 4 have produced some fantastic drawings of statuettes and figurines using a range of shading techniques. pic.twitter.com/wpir9BJ0io— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 3, 2024
@washwoodheath - 1 May
In maths Year 1 have been counting in 2s, 10's and 5's and today we used the laptops to play hit the button to test our times table skills! pic.twitter.com/B1y9T277FL— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () May 1, 2024
@washwoodheath - 29 Apr
Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have learnt how to find ½, ¼ and ¾ of an amount in maths, learnt new vocabulary in History and created lovely pictures using our computers. pic.twitter.com/biJUMWWPCg— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () April 29, 2024
@washwoodheath - 24 Apr
Year 4 have been working on electrical circuits and conductors in their science unit. Today, they had to build simple circuits which they enjoyed, pic.twitter.com/j1XuV1g1jI— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () April 24, 2024
@washwoodheath - 24 Apr
This week Reception have been learning all aboutSafari animals linked to our English writing "Dear Zoo". In Maths we've been learning about numbers 10-20 and how to represent them using different manipulatives ( bricks, blocks, counters). pic.twitter.com/b9ubFcBK3s— Washwood Heath Academy: All Through School () April 24, 2024