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I am delighted to welcome you to Washwood Heath All-through Academy. Washwood Heath offers a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment.
A message from Mrs Lynn Petrie, Head Teacher

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Latest News


@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Great presentation from on the importance of Oracy and ‘purpose to practice’. Powerful messages from G Barlow . Really useful
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
By all accounts, Ms Barlow was a marvellous session leader! Thank you so much! https://t.co/A9iUUPMtK3
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Our very own Ms Barlow leading a professional development session for teachers at https://t.co/NIMGO4uHzl
@washwoodheath - 29 Jun
Y7 at the Black Country Museum being shown the potentially devastating effects of methane accumulating in the mines. https://t.co/Jn52VurK0R
@washwoodheath - 25 Jun
Washwood Heath Primary has been awarded the School Games Award for 21/22. It has been fantastic to see students develop both in P.E lessons and at school games competitions https://t.co/yFmXM7pfVP
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Today year 5 competed in volleyball as part of our competition, was fantastic to see each country work as a team and show fantastic communication! https://t.co/3hK2QjXHd0
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Yesterday we continued with our competition. Year 4 played Kwik cricket, Year 1 competed in gymnastics and Year 2 had a go at tails, linking their movements to tag rugby! https://t.co/OG1QHlWNap
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
In Year 4, we have created stamps using string and carboard to create texture. https://t.co/xjrYVuuy77
@washwoodheath - 21 Jun
As part of sport week, we are competing in a league. Each year group has been split into countries and is working hard in their P.E lessons to score points for their team! Today was reception and Year 3's turn! https://t.co/71ENrqsTQC
@washwoodheath - 21 Jun
This week is national sport week and to kick the week off a group of year 5 girls took part in a football tournament against the other WHMAT primary schools. It was fantastic to see the girls get stuck in & display excellent teamwork! https://t.co/BPEiCvEdOv
@washwoodheath - 17 Jun
Year 3 have been reading more of their text Wolves in the Walls. Lucy was right. There are wolves in the walls! AHHHHHH! https://t.co/wOhQSaAUfP
@washwoodheath - 17 Jun
Year 2 have been learning to tell the time, using our inference skills in reading and researching what Birmingham looked like in the past. https://t.co/a2ZsxV292Q
@washwoodheath - 16 Jun
WHA Sixth Form on their first Duke of Edinburgh expedition for 2 years. All very excited about the adventure ahead… https://t.co/0svbADTonf
@washwoodheath - 14 Jun
Last night our Year 6 team went to Gossey Lane as part of our WHMAT league. The team showed fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork and resilience while competing in a benchball tournament. https://t.co/Xz9Ekv8apo
@washwoodheath - 14 Jun
Year 5 have been investigating the properties of different materials. We tested for magnetism, solubility, thermal and electric conduction and transparency. https://t.co/AHBVQwDSTK
@washwoodheath - 10 Jun
Busy 1st week back. In maths we began to learn the time. In English we used our oracy skills used to be reporters. https://t.co/1civjeAlMK
@washwoodheath - 9 Jun
Year 3 have started reading our brand new English text - The Wolves in the Walls. Lucy finds comfort talking to her favourite stuffed toy. We brought in our own cuddly toys and blankets and acted in role as and talked about all of the thoughts and worries that Lucy might have." https://t.co/6jMqjylZKX
@washwoodheath - 9 Jun
In Year 4, we have explored, described different metals, and appreciated the enormity of the central character in The Iron Man. https://t.co/xnadJZVj8N
@washwoodheath - 8 Jun
A gauntlet of Macbeth quotations written on our entrance path welcomed Year 10 to their final Literature exam this morning! https://t.co/7dYtr0EkzJ
@washwoodheath - 8 Jun
Year 5 have been creating Tudor style portraits in art using sketching, painting and collage skills. https://t.co/XHbTqA3qbi