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Welcome from the Headteacher

I am delighted to welcome you to Washwood Heath All-through Academy. Washwood Heath offers a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment.
A message from Mrs Lynn Petrie, Head Teacher

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@washwoodheath - 12 Jan
@washwoodheath - 2 Dec
Today, we’re delivering Anti-Bullying assemblies to students to ensure we sustain our safe and supportive environment for all students. https://t.co/CJQs5diJ73
@washwoodheath - 26 Nov
The final night at Aberdovey was a chance for reflection, while toasting marshmallows over a bonfire on the beach. Time to pack up and come home :) https://t.co/fInBCNNTYC
@washwoodheath - 25 Nov
Our Sixth form students have created this huge piece of art work in support of day. Mr Antell and Ms Khan proudly installing it into our main reception area to raise awareness of the cause. https://t.co/JVTOy6Mu9W
@washwoodheath - 25 Nov
Our new banner looks great on this clean and crisp November morning. https://t.co/Jgk4wCBS5J
@washwoodheath - 24 Nov
Today’s adventures at Aberdovey included canoeing!! Get paddling!! https://t.co/LGEUv23j3i
@washwoodheath - 24 Nov
The adventures continue at Aberdovey…. https://t.co/IOQ3PMfKsR
@washwoodheath - 24 Nov
All week, our students have been enjoying remote concerts from . It’s a good substitute but nothing like the real thing - looking forward to seeing you in Symphony Hall soon! https://t.co/z25Hr2sScY
@washwoodheath - 24 Nov
Sixth Form students designing their White Ribbon campaign board with the support of the Art department. https://t.co/UoOAa15rOV
@washwoodheath - 23 Nov
The Sixth Form have set off on their 10KM walk around Sutton Park today to raise money and awareness of the White Ribbon Charity. https://t.co/ZyW0T9fTZs
@washwoodheath - 22 Nov
Well, that is a very good point Isa. What you should know is that we do things a little differently here at Washwood. I mean, Super Mario was also supposed to be part of the Washwood Avengers pic but he was sadly out on gate duty …
@washwoodheath - 22 Nov
Our students have arrived safely in Aberdovey and been treated to this glorious view at sunset. Wales is such a special place! https://t.co/EzdbbAvZ1f
@washwoodheath - 19 Nov
The Washwood Avengers 🧸 https://t.co/o4sQEuj0O3
@washwoodheath - 19 Nov
Staff getting into the swing of things for Children in Need…🧸 https://t.co/bCFxyWNh5D
@washwoodheath - 16 Nov
Year 7-10 girls having a pre-match talk before playing Tile Cross Away tonight!Results were: Year 9/10 team Won 7-1 Year 7/8 team Won 4-3 All 19 girls did us very proud and the best turn out of girls for a football games in years !!!! Thanks to Miss Edwards and Miss Robbins :) https://t.co/XISPePspaM
@washwoodheath - 12 Nov
Great to see so much recognition for our students’ behaviour and achievements. Good work Plaza house! https://t.co/8AiJelQ918
@washwoodheath - 4 Nov
Exciting times as The Drama Department take our Yr. 10 GCSE group to the Hippodrome this afternoon to watch a production of ‘ Blood Brothers’. https://t.co/7AuUsmedIq
@washwoodheath - 22 Oct
A gorgeous autumnal morning greets us on the last day of this half term. All of our students and staff have worked so hard to make the transition back into ‘normal’ as smooth and as positive as possible. https://t.co/sLvNlS7ntg
@washwoodheath - 11 Oct
Everyone back safe and sound. Great trips rely on great teachers. Please show your appreciation to these four colleagues who have given up their weekend to run the trip from last Friday to today. And back in school first thing tomorrow… What a team! https://t.co/GZNlpeB4bZ
@washwoodheath - 11 Oct
The Year 8 trip is on its way home! The students and staff have had an amazing weekend! https://t.co/g93W0uz3CV