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Welcome from the Headteacher

I am delighted to welcome you to Washwood Heath All-through Academy. Washwood Heath offers a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment.
A message from Mrs Lynn Petrie, Head Teacher

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Well done Washwood and all the other schools that took part in the fantastic music! https://t.co/xB6pDO6SHZ
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Washwood setting up. Let's go Washwood! https://t.co/S00YEH1gN6
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Excited to see WHA concert band later at Symphony Hall https://t.co/tDnnEmRl8i
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Year 9 trip to the beach today - donkey rides, playing in the sea, a visit to the pier, a ride on the Ferris wheel … pure enjoyment! Great fun to end the year! (And still a very valuable experience!)😎 https://t.co/2EaeE5VMo8
@washwoodheath - 15 Jul
Year 2 went to Twycross Zoo yesterday. We had such a fantastic time and saw many different animals. We loved it! Thank you to https://t.co/EVoB7Veg7s
@washwoodheath - 8 Jul
Massively lucked out with the weather for our first whole school sports day since the pandemic. Great to be back doing large whole school events like these!! https://t.co/FuP9aJfv7F
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
Trafalgar Square fountains in front of the National Gallery - the end of our walk through the city, past some very famous sights! https://t.co/7AUuIjDFga
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
Year 8 having lunch on the steps of the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. https://t.co/n5VXlbS5Yj
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
155 Year 8 students have just started exploring the Natural History Museum. It’s such an impressive building of it’s own accord, let alone the spectacular exhibits. A very valuable experience. https://t.co/5NbVCe3ANj
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
On Monday, some KS2 pupils had the opportunity to attend a commonwealth event lead by Bring the Power. Children had the opportunity to meet a professional boxer,meet Perry,the mascot for the games and play lots of different sports. Children had a fantastic day https://t.co/zeQVgrdhdz
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Great presentation from on the importance of Oracy and ‘purpose to practice’. Powerful messages from G Barlow . Really useful
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
By all accounts, Ms Barlow was a marvellous session leader! Thank you so much! https://t.co/A9iUUPMtK3
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Our very own Ms Barlow leading a professional development session for teachers at https://t.co/NIMGO4uHzl
@washwoodheath - 29 Jun
Y7 at the Black Country Museum being shown the potentially devastating effects of methane accumulating in the mines. https://t.co/Jn52VurK0R
@washwoodheath - 25 Jun
Washwood Heath Primary has been awarded the School Games Award for 21/22. It has been fantastic to see students develop both in P.E lessons and at school games competitions https://t.co/yFmXM7pfVP
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Today year 5 competed in volleyball as part of our competition, was fantastic to see each country work as a team and show fantastic communication! https://t.co/3hK2QjXHd0
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Yesterday we continued with our competition. Year 4 played Kwik cricket, Year 1 competed in gymnastics and Year 2 had a go at tails, linking their movements to tag rugby! https://t.co/OG1QHlWNap
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
In Year 4, we have created stamps using string and carboard to create texture. https://t.co/xjrYVuuy77
@washwoodheath - 21 Jun
As part of sport week, we are competing in a league. Each year group has been split into countries and is working hard in their P.E lessons to score points for their team! Today was reception and Year 3's turn! https://t.co/71ENrqsTQC
@washwoodheath - 21 Jun
This week is national sport week and to kick the week off a group of year 5 girls took part in a football tournament against the other WHMAT primary schools. It was fantastic to see the girls get stuck in & display excellent teamwork! https://t.co/BPEiCvEdOv