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I am delighted to welcome you to Washwood Heath All-through Academy. Washwood Heath offers a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment.
A message from Mrs Lynn Petrie, Head Teacher

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Latest News


@washwoodheath - 16 May
@washwoodheath - 16 May
9/05/22Washwood Heath Primary participated in the WHMAT boys football tournament.This was WHMAT primary's first football tournament and we played against some fantastic teams.The WHA team showed fantastic teamwork,resilience and sportsmanship & did the school proud https://t.co/I15QlxmTmR
@washwoodheath - 13 May
This week in Year 2we have used our oracy skills to give directions in maths, learnt what plants need to grow and set up an experiment and we even used our senses to find adjectives for our writing. https://t.co/56KL5ab7ww
@washwoodheath - 10 May
Teaching & Learning: Oracy Consultancy day at Washwood Heath Academy. https://t.co/koPSogmv0T
@washwoodheath - 6 May
Here’s a little clip for you to enjoy https://t.co/33H5dxpF1e
@washwoodheath - 6 May
Culture day in Year 2. We learnt all about Brazil, had our own carnival, traditional games and even learnt an African dance. To finish we had a quick goodbye to our chicks. https://t.co/rF70XtbVwk
@washwoodheath - 6 May
Great to see the Director of Estates getting involved with Culture Day at Washwood. He happens to be a super steel pan player. He’s also set up next to the jerk chicken stall, so he’s happy…! https://t.co/9ld6Cg6xeK
@washwoodheath - 3 May
Today we let our chicks out to explore some of the classroom. The children helped Mr Kimberley to clean out and feed the chicks to make sure they grow big and strong. https://t.co/pZsGpnI2I3
@washwoodheath - 29 Apr
We had a visit from England cricketer Lauren Bell. We got to ask lots of questions and are now inspired to take up a sport. https://t.co/dXmhdWRL1u
@washwoodheath - 29 Apr
In Yr2 this week we have planted seeds and observed their growth, had a letter from the crayons who quit and made a mess in the classroom. Eid Mubarak to all. https://t.co/jodvYgRsYr
@washwoodheath - 28 Apr
Today we have 2020 Dreams in school delivering Anti-Social Behaviour assemblies to our pupils. We firmly believe in educating our young people on how to keep themselves safe not only inside the Academy but also outside of the Academy. https://t.co/JjnEj8HXRZ
@washwoodheath - 27 Apr
The children in Reception class got very excited today watching the chicks hatch from the eggs. https://t.co/ZQibYHYDdQ
@washwoodheath - 27 Apr
On Monday our eggs arrived, the children were very excited and can't wait for them to hatch. https://t.co/izf1FeJo7y
@washwoodheath - 8 Apr
The Primary Children took great pride in displaying their Easter Egg Scenes and Easter Bonnets. https://t.co/qEyVBaZde6
@washwoodheath - 8 Apr
In Maths we have learnt about non unit measures, used our oracy skills to retell a story in detail and finished the week with an Easter bonnet parade. Happy holidays to all from Year 2. https://t.co/6huNRGiRdQ
@washwoodheath - 6 Apr
The trapeze jump - a leap of faith! A exercise in reaching out, finding your limits and pushing through them. Striving to reach new heights. Such a great residential trip to Boreatton Park PGL! https://t.co/aouPsR3GU1
@washwoodheath - 6 Apr
Great to be hosting this exhibition in conjunction with https://t.co/CQ5rAfcJje
@washwoodheath - 6 Apr
Good morning! Our final day already - how time flies! All of the pupils are getting ready for their final activities this morning, and we’ll be heading home after lunch. A fabulous 3 days at Boreatton Park PGL. https://t.co/HqJo3flnnC
@washwoodheath - 5 Apr
Today’s activities were raft building, abseiling and rifle shooting. Great to see the pupils learning a range of skills and exploring new challenges. In what is a very active and adventurous holiday, rifle shooting offers a moment of focus and concentration. https://t.co/yPw8K7DedG
@washwoodheath - 5 Apr
Messing about on the water! Some successful raft building… some less so…! https://t.co/6dHhQTA0V8