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Emergency Closure and Snow

Procedure in the event of an Emergency Closure of the School

We will always aim to keep the school open to all pupils, however in some instances we will need to take the decision to close the school in an emergency.   The decision to close the school rests with the Headteacher in consultation with the WHMAT CEO, following appropriate risk assessments.  The Local Authority is notified immediately of any intended closure.

Once a decision has been made to close the school, the following steps will be taken to notify parents/carers: 

Text Message

A text message will be sent to all parents and carers with the information on relating to school closure.  If this is during the school day, the message will include details of dismissal arrangements.  


An announcement will be put on the front page of the website including details of the dismissal arrangements. 

A letter will be posted on the website with information about the closure and dismissal arrangements.