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At Washwood Heath Academy, PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) is considered paramount to our students’ personal development, health and well-being. PSHE helps students to develop life skills to ensure they are well prepared to respect and contribute to the wider society and life in Britain. High expectations are set for the promotion of tolerance, understanding and appreciation of the diverse community in which we live.

As part of a whole school approach, PSHE develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.

 Our PSHE curriculum is delivered under the three main themes: ‘health and wellbeing’, ‘relationships’ and ‘living in the wider world’, as recommended by the PSHE Association. They include references to cross curricular links such as our careers sessions and our Stay Safe weekly form time sessions and the use of specialist outside providers.

In our PSHE lessons and activities we aim to:

  • Prepare students to engage and build positive relationships with family, friends and society.
  • Encourage students to understand and have the confidence to make informed decisions relating to relationships, healthy lifestyles, staying safe and economic well being
  • Foster respect, empathy and understanding for other people

 Washwood Heath Academy is a member of the NewStart programme.  NewStart is a prevention and early-intervention programme to promote mental health and emotional well-being in our school communities. Led by Birmingham Education Partnership and funded by the NHS, the NewStart programme aims to build resilience and well-being for young people through a school-based community development model. NewStart is working with schools to help staff know earlier when young people may be experiencing poor emotional health and to put support in place for them sooner.  Understanding how the whole school can support such students enables all pupils to achieve better outcomes.