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Recognition and Incentives

At Washwood Heath Academy, we believe strongly in the value of sincere recognition for effort and achievement.   We have high standards, and there is a level of expectation that all students will adhere to, particularly in relation to attendance, and readiness for school and learning.  Where students go above and beyond, however, we are committed to recognising these achievements.   We are seeking to develop systems that support a culture where the adherence to the high expectations set for students are not rewarded monetarily, or materially, but where they are routinely recognised and praised.


At Washwood Heath Academy, we align with the three school rules and the HEARTS core ethos values.   Students can be recognised for being: Ready, Respectful and Safe or upholding any of the core values: Happiness, Excellence, Achievement, Respect, Resilience, Tolerance, Self-Belief. All staff are responsible for recognising the positive behaviours of students both during lessons, and in the corridors or at lunch/break time. Verbal praise is given to students primarily when they are exhibiting positive behaviours in relation to the rules and the ethos. Staff will use Arbor to record positive behaviour points based on the ethos and values. Each week, Houses will recognise students’ positive contributions to the school ethos in assemblies. This will involve the awarding of HEARTS certificates and HEARTS House badges which the students will be encouraged to wear prominently on their uniform.  These are also accompanied by HEARTS Praise Postcards and letters home.

The purpose of using rewards, recognition and incentives are to:

  • Motivate and encourage students
  • Reinforce the schools core values as set out in the HEARTS ethos.
  • Recognise students’ achievements and effort.
  • Encourage and allow students to enjoy a positive learning environment.
  • Support and encourage positive teacher student working relationships.
  • Ensure the school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe are supported and embedded.

As an individual, the points are totalled up and recorded.  Each half term, we review the totals and those students who have reached the Bronze/Silver or Gold benchmarks are recognised with the following experiences:

25 HEARTS points from lessons Bronze badge – House based recognition slot one afternoon.  Houses to decide – hot chocs/ sweet treats/ time with their HoH/GM/SLT to share experiences/achievements incl phonecall home.
100 HEARTS points from lessons Silver badge – in school experience/privilege.  Dinner pass for a week, movie afternoon with popcorn.  
200 HEARTS points from lessons Gold badge – part-funded experience outside of school.  GoApe, Snowdome, Climbing centre, Theatre, students’ own requests…


HEARTS Praise Postcards and Letters Home

For those students who go above and beyond in lessons, teachers are able to award a Praise Postcard.  These postcards are filled in there and then and awarded to the student for them to take home and share with their family.  In addition, each week letters will be sent home to the top students on the HEARTS totals to recognise the students efforts.

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