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Welcome to our Sixth Form

Washwood Heath Academy is a large all-through school which serves the East of Birmingham.  We have a long history of supporting local students to achieve excellent results in both A-Level and BTEC courses and are the first choice Sixth Form for many of our own students and other local students too.

The vision for Washwood Heath Academy Sixth Form is to raise the aspirations of young adults by nurturing a passion for learning, enriching the student experience and securing outcomes which exceed their expectations.

We are relatively unique in this area being one of the only schools to have a Sixth Form.  We passionately believe that we have a unique offer that allows us to compete with Sixth Form colleges across the city.  Our knowledge of our students is second to none, and our investment in their wellbeing and achievement is much deeper that at a standalone college.  Many of our students have grown up with us, and we are ready to support them in through the challenges of post-16 study.  Our results and outcomes speak for themselves, and many of our students go on to thrive in top university courses.

We want to nurture confident, resilient and well-rounded adults who have an aspiration for self-improvement and are able to compete equally with their peers in a world beyond the Sixth Form. In order to achieve this, we will concentrate on:

  • Student outcomes;
  • Student well-being;
  • Developing a passion for lifelong learning;
  • Fostering sense of community responsibility;
  • Develop independent learners who are robust and resilient in their outlook on life.

Being part of a school based Sixth Form enables students to experience a variety of leadership opportunities. Members of Washwood Heath Academy’s Sixth Form are expected to lead by example and act as role models for the main school. .

Our unique selling point centres around us knowing our students well in terms of academic ability, and emotional capacity. We treat our students as individuals and the programmes of study they follow are individualised to meet their evolving needs. 

Please click here to view our school performance table and find out our latest 16-18 results.

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@washwoodheath - 6 Feb
Reception have been using their lasted talk tasks to retell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears https://t.co/O2YqyrUVgS
@washwoodheath - 2 Feb
Children in year 3 have been creating ammonites using clay. Look at the detail in their work! https://t.co/Xk4KqjaQ9L
@washwoodheath - 1 Feb
@washwoodheath - 30 Jan
This morning we had visitors from Voice 21 and the Governor of Jersey Andrew Willis to look at our Oracy journey so far. #Thepowerofvoice#V21MAT https://t.co/x3KhM0b4XH
@washwoodheath - 30 Jan
@washwoodheath - 30 Jan
Today Reception class used numicon to combine two numbers to find the total https://t.co/QprVzSh2ls
@washwoodheath - 27 Jan
This week in Year 2 we have been using our oracy skills to discuss if different materials have the same properties. We also discussed how we can make different amouts of money. https://t.co/yr7OQ3kxYk
@washwoodheath - 27 Jan
Year 5 and 6 children have attended the EarthShot prize launch today. We will be working on a project that will improve our environment with our local area. We are all very excited.#earthshot https://t.co/t6Saq7CPiG
@washwoodheath - 25 Jan
A group of yr. 10 students took part in a 'Speak out Loud' challenge today developing their Oracy skills and Presentational skills.#thepowerofvoice https://t.co/dBjw2QvJnD
@washwoodheath - 25 Jan
Year 5 explored tasks and challenges for farmer’s throughout the year. They then debated the issues and gave their opinions. https://t.co/eXoJqYABLw
@washwoodheath - 19 Jan
Today some of our year 3 and 4 students took part in an athletics competition. The children worked really hard and managed to win themselves a bronze medal. They showed the Washwood way throughout and did us all proud https://t.co/By0e2tevEW
@washwoodheath - 12 Jan
On Tuesday a group of KS2 children went to a school games athletics competition. They worked extremely hard and managed to win a bronze medal and come 3rd place. They did really well and loved wearing their new Washwood kit https://t.co/Okq5PPBywK
@washwoodheath - 16 Dec
Mr Carter and Mr Broadhurst bringing some festive cheer to the end of term! Happy holidays everyone 🎄 https://t.co/QcZN308oR7
@washwoodheath - 12 Dec
Just one of the stalls at our Year 7 NHS careers day - looking at examples of patient monitoring technology. https://t.co/1NhdZ3xnU4
@washwoodheath - 8 Dec
"In year 4 we have started looking at sound. Most of us made the prediction that the harder we hit an instrument the louder the volume would be. Then we were introduced to a Theremin! https://t.co/VmZmi3VlUD
@washwoodheath - 8 Dec
Over the last 2 weeks,Yr4 have taken part in a MAT wide multiplication World Cup challenge! All had to jump online as often as possible, complete a variety of diff multiplication challenges.We are incredibly proud that we came 2nd place in league tables,scoring over 5000 points! https://t.co/qjeNE3uEDS
@washwoodheath - 2 Dec
This week Year 2 have been using our oracy skills in performance. We have been practising for our production in 2 weeks' time. We cannot wait to show everyone. https://t.co/nv8Kgoq05O
@washwoodheath - 1 Dec
WHA Primary were visited by a naughty elf today. Years 2 and 4 were very excited!!! https://t.co/4KJIfxwnyp
@washwoodheath - 25 Nov
This week in Year 2 we learnt about Road safety. We discussed the safe ways to cross the road, parking at school and use of mobile phones. https://t.co/Atn36rdPqZ
@washwoodheath - 18 Nov
Today some of year 3 and 4 students attended a school games event. The children played lots of basketball mini games. They represented the school brilliantly and showed the Washwood way throughout. https://t.co/VTjBBR1zWU