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Welcome to our Sixth Form

Washwood Heath Academy is a large all-through school which serves the East of Birmingham.  We have a long history of supporting local students to achieve excellent results in both A-Level and BTEC courses and are the first choice Sixth Form for many of our own students and other local students too.

The vision for Washwood Heath Academy Sixth Form is to raise the aspirations of young adults by nurturing a passion for learning, enriching the student experience and securing outcomes which exceed their expectations.

We are relatively unique in this area being one of the only schools to have a Sixth Form.  We passionately believe that we have a unique offer that allows us to compete with Sixth Form colleges across the city.  Our knowledge of our students is second to none, and our investment in their wellbeing and achievement is much deeper that at a standalone college.  Many of our students have grown up with us, and we are ready to support them in through the challenges of post-16 study.  Our results and outcomes speak for themselves, and many of our students go on to thrive in top university courses.

We want to nurture confident, resilient and well-rounded adults who have an aspiration for self-improvement and are able to compete equally with their peers in a world beyond the Sixth Form. In order to achieve this, we will concentrate on:

  • Student outcomes;
  • Student well-being;
  • Developing a passion for lifelong learning;
  • Fostering sense of community responsibility;
  • Develop independent learners who are robust and resilient in their outlook on life.

Being part of a school based Sixth Form enables students to experience a variety of leadership opportunities. Members of Washwood Heath Academy’s Sixth Form are expected to lead by example and act as role models for the main school. .

Our unique selling point centres around us knowing our students well in terms of academic ability, and emotional capacity. We treat our students as individuals and the programmes of study they follow are individualised to meet their evolving needs. 

Please click here to view our school performance table and find out our latest 16-18 results.

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@washwoodheath - 27 Sep
Yesterday, Our Year 6 children saw the return of our WHMAT competitions. We faced Gossey Lane in a mini basketball tournament. Both teams showed fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork and resilience. You did your schools proud 👍🏼 https://t.co/C6MlCYyaXV
@washwoodheath - 18 Aug
Congratulations to all of our Year 13 students who received their grades today. Wishing you success in your future - keep working hard!
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Well done Washwood and all the other schools that took part in the fantastic music! https://t.co/xB6pDO6SHZ
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Washwood setting up. Let's go Washwood! https://t.co/S00YEH1gN6
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Excited to see WHA concert band later at Symphony Hall https://t.co/tDnnEmRl8i
@washwoodheath - 20 Jul
Year 9 trip to the beach today - donkey rides, playing in the sea, a visit to the pier, a ride on the Ferris wheel … pure enjoyment! Great fun to end the year! (And still a very valuable experience!)😎 https://t.co/2EaeE5VMo8
@washwoodheath - 15 Jul
Year 2 went to Twycross Zoo yesterday. We had such a fantastic time and saw many different animals. We loved it! Thank you to https://t.co/EVoB7Veg7s
@washwoodheath - 8 Jul
Massively lucked out with the weather for our first whole school sports day since the pandemic. Great to be back doing large whole school events like these!! https://t.co/FuP9aJfv7F
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
Trafalgar Square fountains in front of the National Gallery - the end of our walk through the city, past some very famous sights! https://t.co/7AUuIjDFga
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
Year 8 having lunch on the steps of the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. https://t.co/n5VXlbS5Yj
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
155 Year 8 students have just started exploring the Natural History Museum. It’s such an impressive building of it’s own accord, let alone the spectacular exhibits. A very valuable experience. https://t.co/5NbVCe3ANj
@washwoodheath - 6 Jul
On Monday, some KS2 pupils had the opportunity to attend a commonwealth event lead by Bring the Power. Children had the opportunity to meet a professional boxer,meet Perry,the mascot for the games and play lots of different sports. Children had a fantastic day https://t.co/zeQVgrdhdz
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Great presentation from on the importance of Oracy and ‘purpose to practice’. Powerful messages from G Barlow . Really useful
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
By all accounts, Ms Barlow was a marvellous session leader! Thank you so much! https://t.co/A9iUUPMtK3
@washwoodheath - 1 Jul
Our very own Ms Barlow leading a professional development session for teachers at https://t.co/NIMGO4uHzl
@washwoodheath - 29 Jun
Y7 at the Black Country Museum being shown the potentially devastating effects of methane accumulating in the mines. https://t.co/Jn52VurK0R
@washwoodheath - 25 Jun
Washwood Heath Primary has been awarded the School Games Award for 21/22. It has been fantastic to see students develop both in P.E lessons and at school games competitions https://t.co/yFmXM7pfVP
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Today year 5 competed in volleyball as part of our competition, was fantastic to see each country work as a team and show fantastic communication! https://t.co/3hK2QjXHd0
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
Yesterday we continued with our competition. Year 4 played Kwik cricket, Year 1 competed in gymnastics and Year 2 had a go at tails, linking their movements to tag rugby! https://t.co/OG1QHlWNap
@washwoodheath - 23 Jun
In Year 4, we have created stamps using string and carboard to create texture. https://t.co/xjrYVuuy77