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Welcome to our Primary School

Within the primary phase at Washwood Heath Academy, we believe in creating and sustaining a positive and uplifting culture for all of our children and we also do this for each other as well. 

We are a caring and nurturing environment which aims to develop all of our core HEARTS values:   

Happiness, Excellence, Acheivement, Respect, Resilience, Tolerance and Self-Belief. 

We go above and beyond to ensure that everybody within our school community feels respected, challenged, supported and safe.  We believe in being: Ready, Respectful and Safe and we expect all visitors to our school to uphold our three rules.  We aim to equip our pupils with the right tools for them to achieve and we aim to provide them with the most effective environment that ignites curiosity and wonder.  We support our families in ensuring that they too, can provide the right environment for our children to learn effectively and to grow securely both emotionally and mentally. Together as one school, Washwood Heath Academy provides a safe and caring environment for our pupils led by highly-effective staff whose main aim is to ensure a continuing ethos of resilience and respect in learning.

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@washwoodheath - 24 Mar
Year 10 Geographers and the Sixth form Eco group really enjoyed their workshop with the this week!
@washwoodheath - 24 Mar
Our recent 'Culture Day' was a great success. Pupils immersed themselves in the cultures of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Ireland and many more. We are also delighted to have received our School of Sanctuary Award on the same day too!
@washwoodheath - 23 Mar
Wishing a blessed Ramadan to all of the Washood family who are observing the holy month.
@washwoodheath - 21 Mar
Some of our Primary Phase students went to see the King…
@washwoodheath - 17 Mar
Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in some Science activities this week. They used chalk and sticky tape to identify the patterns in their fingerprints. Children also used binoculars to look at objects from a distance.
@washwoodheath - 17 Mar
Macbeth being tempted by the witches in Act I Scene iii
@washwoodheath - 17 Mar
Year 10 are enjoying a theatre experience in the Main Hall this afternoon. A performance of Macbeth in preparation for their GCSE English Literature exam in May.
@washwoodheath - 17 Mar
This week Year 2 have had Science week, Culture day and Red Nose Day. We investigated our own finger prints, had an African drumming workshop and lots of activities for Red Nose day.
@washwoodheath - 16 Mar
Year 11 working hard learning exam and revision skills with
@washwoodheath - 16 Mar
Year 4 have been making Mothers Day cards using a weaving technic they learned throught their art lessons
@washwoodheath - 16 Mar
Year 4 Sciene Week. Year 4 children took part in a science experiment to create an Avalanche mountain
@washwoodheath - 15 Mar
Exciting trip to Westminster Abbey for some primary children and staff to take part in Commonwealth Celebrations
@washwoodheath - 13 Mar
Primary Pupil Leaders on the London Eye before they attend Commonwealth Ceremony at Westminster Abbey this afternoon
@washwoodheath - 8 Mar
Today we attended the biggest girls football event at King Edwards School. We got to compete in 5-a-side matches, play on inflatables and meet some VIPs, Faye White and Laura Basset. It was an inspirational day and lots and lots of fun!
@washwoodheath - 8 Mar
Year 4 have been looking at the usefulness of internet search engines this week in PSHE. We recognised that not all information we find online is accurate - sometimes it can be wrong entirely!
@washwoodheath - 3 Mar
On Tuesday 14th March, we are hosting our next annual culture day. We are looking forward to broadening our cultural horizons with a fete, musical performances and fashion from around the world!
@washwoodheath - 3 Mar
We are delighted to share we raised £2,246 for the appeal. Thank you to the Washwood family for your kind generosity!
@washwoodheath - 3 Mar
Using our science investigation skills to see what happens when we add bicarbonate of soda to vinegar. The children really enjoyed this experiment. We have linked it to the whole school book of Alice in Wonderland and potion making.
@washwoodheath - 23 Feb
Episode 8 of The Washwood Way podcast is now available. Mr Robinson talks to Junior about his Czech heritage and his role as part of the Student Leadership team.
@washwoodheath - 17 Feb
Today some of our KS2 children attended a School Games Multi-sports event. The children got to play some sports that they had never tried before including curling, goalball and sitting down volleyball. They had a great time and worked really hard.