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The Washwood Way

Welcome to The Washwood Way!

Over the next few episodes, we will be exploring the many cultures represented by students here at Washwood Heath Academy.

In Episode One, two of our Romanian Students, Luiza and Roxana,  tell us all about their memories of growing up in their home country and what it was like coming to England.

Welcome to Episode Two of The Washwood Way. This week we are staying in Romania as Larisa and Roxana give an insight into the traditions of a Romanian Wedding.

Here in Episode Three, Khadia and Khania, tell us all about their life growing up in Spain and then move on to talk about their new life in England.

Here in Episode Four, I talk to Junaid about Wudu - how Muslims prepare for prayer and which is the first essential step of Salah.

Here in Episode Five, I talk to Humaima, one of our 6th Form students, about life in our 6th form.

Here in Episode Six, two of our 6th Form students talk about the forthcoming Culture Day at WHA.

Here in Episode Seven, Larisa talks about both traditional and contemporary Romanian music.

Here in Episode 8, I talk to Junior about his Czech heritage and his role as part of the Student Leadership team.

Here in Episode 9, I talk to Umeira, Kainat and Hafsa about the cultures of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Here in Episode 10, I am joined by Umeira, Ksainat and Safah to discuss the holy month of Ramadan.

Here in Episode 11, Larisa joins me to discuss how Easter is celebrated in Romania.

Here in Episode 12, two of our Y7 students, Hamnah and Hannah, reflect on their first term at Washwood Heath.

Here in Episode 13, Larissa tells me about the traditions surrounding Romania Day. The day on which Romanians celebrate the joining of Romania with Transylvania.