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Meet the team!

Head of Primary Phase:  Mrs H Powis Jones

Assistant Head of Primary Phase:  Mr M Ali

EYFS & Key Stage 1 Lead: Mr L Kimberley

Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs S Richards

HLTA: Mrs S Fincher

SENDCO: Mrs P Janda

Pastoral Guidance Manager: Mr I Spence

Primary Office Team:  Mrs B Millard & Mrs A Smith

Year Group Teacher Teaching Assistant
Reception Mr L Kimberley Mrs V Pettitt

Year 1

Mrs A Idris

Mrs S Shaban

Year 2 Mrs C Morphet Mrs E Chapman
Year 3 Mrs S Zafar Mrs D Dixon
Year 4 Miss M Komal Mr D McLaughlin
Year 5 Mrs F Zafar  
Year 6 Mrs S Richards Mrs M Young