Read to Succeed

We recognise that ensuring that pupils are literate and numerate is fundamental in enabling them to flourish, thrive and access the next stage of their education, employment or training. The development of pupil language and Oracy is a key part of our curriculum as we understand how vital it is for our students to build confidence in communication skills not only for their time in school but also to prepare them for working life and for making a difference in society.

Students have opportunities to discuss, challenge and build on other points of view and to develop their formality of language to ensure they have the confidence to speak to different audiences. Tier two and Tier three vocabulary is a key part of the curriculum planning which is undertaken by our Heads of Department and Subject Leaders.

Reading is also an integral part of every child’s education. We believe passionately in promoting reading and encouraging pupils to read a range of texts that challenge them and introduce them to new ideas and styles of writing. 

 There is much evidence that illustrates the link between reading and exam results and ultimately future earnings.  However, reading is also of cultural benefit and it exposes pupils to lives and experiences they might never otherwise come across and in turn promotes emotional intelligence and empathy. 

Why are we going to read to our students during extended form time?

Children who are read to when they are young are more likely to do well in school overall. When you read to children, you are stimulating language and literacy skills, as well as building motivation, curiosity and memory.

  • Phonemic awareness – Being able to hear, identify, and play with individual sounds in spoken words.

  • Phonics – Being able to connect the letters of written language with the sounds of spoken language.

  • Vocabulary – The words students need to know to communicate effectively.

  • Reading comprehension – Being able to understand and get meaning from what has been read.

  • Fluency (oral reading) – Being able to read text accurately and quickly.

  • Developing Phonetic awareness, vocabulary and reading comprehension, all of which will set them up for success as they grow and interact with the world around them.

This is why we have created Read to Succeed.

Please see below for guidelines to the sessions: