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SLT Link Ms L Weir

Head of House Mrs Kooner

Acting Head of House Ms R Ismail

Guidance Manager Miss Akhtar


In Chamberlain we always strive to be the very best we can be. With staff and pupils always working together we see ourselves more of a family where we always support one another and always look after each other. This is evident in our day to day running as a house and the constant contact we have with our pupils parents. If you or your child has any concerns they are able to speak to any member of Washwood Heath staff or alternatively they can speak directly to Mrs Kooner and Miss Akhtar. We believe we are the best house and this is down to the fantastic work our pupils do on a daily basis.

Intervention sessions.

Some pupils will have to attend the following intervention sessions at the times below. Your child should already be aware of this have written in their planner.

Year 11

Maths every Monday 3-4, Wednesday 3-4, Thursday 8.30 – 9.05 & Friday 8.30 – 9.05

English every Tuesday 8.30 – 9.05

Science every Thursday 3-4

History every Monday 3-4, Wednesday 3-4

Geography every Wednesday 3-4

Islamic Studies every Tuesday 3-4,Wednesday 3-4

Construction every Tuesday 3-4

Languages every Tuesday 3-4, Wednesday 3-4


Year 10

Maths every Monday 8.30 – 9.05

English every Thursday 8.30 – 9.05

Construction every Thursday 3-4


Year 9

Business Studies every Monday 3-4

BTEC Sport every Thursday 3-4

Science every Friday 3-4


Homework Club is every Tuesday 3-4 and every break time in E8 with Mrs Kooner for any pupil of any age.

We have a number of prefects who help with the day to day running of the house and a select group of pupils in the Student Council who come up with new and exciting initiatives for our House. If your child would like to join these groups please ask them to speak to Miss Saharn or Miss Braich.

Planner and uniform checks are done on a daily basis by our Head Boy and Head Girl, please can you ensure your child has everything they need to complete a full day of learning including planner and stationary.

Chamberlain are Champs!!!!