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Behaviour for Success

Behaviour For Success

Our disciplinary system is firm, fair and consistent in promoting high standards of work and conduct. It has been developed through close consultation with students, staff and parents and endeavours to ensure high standards of behaviour both inside and outside of  the classroom.
How Behaviour For Success (BFS) Works

  • Students are issued TWO clear warnings before a detention is given. These cannot be ‘worked off’ or taken back. These will be termed W1 (first warning) and W2 (second warning).
  •  If a student gets to third warning, they are issued a C3 (consequence 3) which is a 30 min detention.
  •  If a student progresses to a fourth stage i.e. continues disruptive behaviour, the
    detention is upgraded to a C4 (consequence 4) which is a 60 min detention.
  • If a student then progresses to a fifth stage walkabout must be called to collect the student. This is a C4+. The student is taken to GM who will decide on the best action to be taken for this pupil for the rest of the day.
  • NEVER NEVER – this is a separate consequence, issued without warnings for serious unacceptable behaviour. Walkabout must be called and pupil taken to GM or HOH to deal with this immediately. In this instance for example, a parent may be called to attend a meeting that day, parent could be asked to collect child and to bring in the following day pupils could be issued with an IER or FTE, etc
  • The behaviour for success books can be used anywhere around the school. If issuing a detention outside of the classroom no warning is needed. The slips are completed in the same way and taken to Admin.
  • C3 , C4 and C4+ will be issued using a carbon copy slip which the teacher completes at the end of that lesson, student gets top copy, admin get 2nd copy, staff member keeps 3rd.
  • The slips must be handed to admin the same day before 3:15 otherwise the detention cannot be issued (central collection point). Please take slips to admin during the day when possible, break lunch etc.
  • The student will know they are in detention the following evening. Lists will be outside the house office each day for extra clarification and checking
  • Detentions are held Mon -Fri evening after school, 3:10 – 3:40 or 3:10- 4:10
  • All detentions are held in houses. In 5 separate designated areas of the school. If
    possible next to house office.
  • All detentions take place the day after they are received
  • GM’s, HOH, and one timetabled member of staff from that house supervise the
    detentions. This ensures there is consistent monitoring from GM and HOH and also the chance for daily dialogue with ‘repeat offenders’.
  • SLT detention will still run separately to this. They will take place every Friday and last for 2 hours.
  • A register is taken at each detention, missing pupils are added to the next evening’s detention and upgraded to next level (where possible). A text message is automatically sent to parents informing them that their child truanted a detention.
  • Detentions will never ‘stack up’. Every day the pupil has a fresh start. If pupils are receiving multiple detentions in one day other processes will be put in place for those individuals e.g. Parental meetings, IER room, Exclusion, SLT detention, break and lunch time detention.