The Washwood Heath Academy Code of Conduct builds upon the Academy’s core values and creates behavioural expectations for all areas of the Academy, from EYFS all the way through to Sixth Form, emphasising the core behaviour that should apply to every situation.  It is purposely simple to ensure all stakeholders (learners, parents and staff) can remember our three simple rules and apply them consistently. Our rules require learners to be Ready, Respectful and Safe.

All academy rules and expectations are expressed in constructive and positive language emphasising our expectations and the things that we should do.

Positive relationships are pivotal to our behaviour system and staff receive training on how to facilitate restorative conversations with learners to rebuild relationships if they should break down.  Learners are encouraged to understand how their behaviour impacts on themselves and others and how they can make positive changes in the future.

The Code of Conduct is displayed in classrooms and other areas of the school in order to maintain a focus on positive behaviour management and as an aid to consistency.

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