Mr Morris runs the library with the help of 27 student librarians.
There is a large selection of factual and fiction books, so pop in and find a book.

Library Behaviour Policy
(This policy was written in Summer 2015 by the Student Librarians)

  1. The Library is the place to read, research, study, or find a book
  2. Show care when using all library resources
  3. Respect users so use a quiet voice
  4. Sign into the Library, writing legibly, using both first and last names.
  5. Students wishing to use the Library for only part of the period need to obtain a Library Pass from the Library staff prior to the beginning of the lunch period.
  6. Students should throw away all trash, push in their chairs, and return any borrowed items to the circulation desk.
  7. No mailing, chatting, game playing, downloading, objectionable websites, streaming video or non-related school usage.
  8. One student per computer.
  9. Students violating the above rules may be asked to leave the Library and/or restricted from using the Library, other than when accompanied by a teacher, for a designated period of time.

Break and Lunchtime Management

  • Students must visit Mr Morris before registration to collect a library pass to allow them access to the library at break and lunch
  • Allow for the maximum of 50 students including year 11 and librarians.

Policy on Books

  • Book loan up to 3 weeks
  • Overdue books 3 notice warning system
  • Last notice should be sent to parents
  • Allow 2-3 days for reserved books after which books should be return back to stock