Learning at Washwood Heath Academy

Developing a Knowledge Rich Curriculum

At Washwood Heath Academy, in order for all learners to achieve academic excellence, we deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum where teachers are the experts and they impart their expertise to our learners. Our curriculum is designed to teach learners the best that has been thought and said and to develop memory and learners’ ability to recall information. Knowledge is like Velcro, the more you have, the more that sticks. 

All learners at Washwood Heath Academy are given a Knowledge Folder. Learners will be given ‘Knowledge Organisers’ in all of their subjects to put into their Knowledge Folder. A Knowledge Organiser is a sheet of paper with 40-50 key facts from a topic learners recall over a period of weeks. Learners’ homework will mainly be learning information from their Knowledge Organisers. Learners will carry out self-quizzing in their prep-books in order to memorise the knowledge from their Knowledge Organisers.

Knowledge Folder

Self-Quizzing Prep Book

Washwood Heath Academy Learning Sequence: Making learning as effective as possible

At Washwood Heath Academy we are developing a Knowledge Rich Curriculum. In order to acquire, develop and master the knowledge and skills required from a unit of work learners will experience a ‘learning sequence’. They will not be masters immediately and will require continual practise. At Washwood we have identified 6 key steps for this learning sequence that learners will be guided through in their lessons.


Do now (retrieval

Teacher instruction and
explanation (including modelling)

Making sense of it
(consolidation & questioning)

Deliberate practice

5.      Feedback (live in lesson feedback)


6.      Testing (followed by deep feedback